Robson Green and ITV join our Defender fan club.

Robson Green, extreme fishing to extreme Land Rovers.

Robson Green 2

After a thorough assessment at the Media City headquarters of ITV, we are thrilled to announce that one of our Defenders will star alongside Robson Green in a new ITV series. Robson will tour some of the most beautiful coastal locations of the UK including the Outer Hebrides and Pembroke coast on a voyage of discovery, and where will Robson be staying? In a 5* hotel or a luxurious RV.

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Not likely, he will be packing his fishing rods and bedding down in the cozy comfort of our Howling Moon Roof Tent of top of one of our expedition prepared Land Rover Campers.


Filming starts next week and  we will hand over the keys to Robson for 5 weeks of adventure in some of the most remote and beautiful coastal scenery the UK has to offer.

Robson green 3

Im sure knowing Robson, he will be getting a bit of fishing in too, and you can always rely on our Landies to get you close to the action with a hot brew afterwards for all the film crew. Apparently Robson is a big Defender fan, and the production team were instantly won over by our Defenders combination of comfort and rugged capability. He will be at the wheel throughout the series.

Robson Green

Of course this means we are one Defender less for much of the Summer, compounded by the fact that the Goodwood Festival of Speed will have another of our Defenders on display in mid June. So, to avoid disappointment you need to book now for summer dates.


As if that media exposure wasn't enough, the Sunday Times will be sending a team out to join our Peru Team in May to do a feature in the Supplement, and a film for the Times website on our Peru Safari 4x4 overland holidays.

E mail us for current availability for a summer adventure!

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