Camper Hire Routes

Your Camper Hire Offers the Key to 4x4 Adventure

Explore Campers offer camper hire routes from our conveniently located base close to Manchester Airport and the M6 Motorway.

You will find the Lake District Nationali Park, Snowdonia National Park, The Peak District National Park, and the North Yorkshire National Park all an easy drive from our base. Scotland is just two hours north, and there are regular ferry services to Ireland and Dublin just thirty minutes away at Liverpool.

Whether it’s cycling, fishing, hunting, walking, or skiing our Defenders are the ideal platform for the great outdoors and any kind of expedition. You can drive them closer to the heart of the action in safety and comfort.

Ideal for all kind of event camping, our Defenders have been to Glastonbury Festival, the British Grand Prix, the World Rally in Wales, The Outer Hebrides, The Tour de France, The Cairngorms, The Italian Dolomites, Southern Ireland, France, and Northern Spain to name but a few. In fact anywhere you find fantastic scenery, adventure with friends, music, fast cars, or family fun, you will find an Explore Camper. Dare to be different with our special camper hire.

We offer free pickup at Manchester or Liverpool International Airports, or from local rail stations as well as free secure parking at our base. This all ensures, within an hour of arriving, you will be on the road to adventure, and our base is just 10 minutes off the M6 Motorway, the main North/South route through the UK.



Off Road Driving - its challenging and its fun. Every journey becomes and adventure when you have hills to climb, rivers to cross, and mud to crawl through.

Our Land Rover Defender Campers are quite simply the best off road vehicles in the world, but there is no simple universal set of rules to off-roading. Rather a set of recommendations that you apply for each terrain type. If you are not experienced in off- road driving, you need to realize a really important fact. Despite the prowess of the Land Rover Defender, it can get stuck, it can roll over, and it can get damaged. There is a tendency for the public in general to think these vehicles are indestructible. They are not, and they can get bogged down and stuck in certain conditions.

Much  of off road driving  is down to what is best described as “feel”, and sympathy with what the car is doing, as well as an appreciation of what’s around you. Golden rule; if in any doubt, stop, get out and walk it first! It’s far better to check on foot first, than end your holiday upside down in a ditch.

Some folks who take our trip are experienced off road drivers. Many have absolutely no experience at all. In both cases, you will thoroughly enjoy off road driving but don’t expect a Dakar rally! Show caution, planning, and be sensible and you can have great fun and many of our hirer's take a course to enjoy their time with our Land Rovers to the max.

BORDA (British Off Road Driving Association) is a leading organisation specializing in Off Road Training Events. All Training is delivered by BORDA Specialist Trainers who have passed rigorous assessments. There are several levels of training for off road driving at authorized venues throughout the UK. They will be happy to take you for a short one day course. You can book using this link:

There is a great 4x4 off road driving training center at Crewe in Cheshire: .  Clients  wishing to partake in some training before hiring our vehicles can contact Jim Johnson, at Explore Off Road on:

We love our cars and like them to look love-able too, so if you fancy leaving the highway behind on a camper hire, but feel apprehensive, a day with a BORDA instructor will take away any concerns, so please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Some of the techniques you will put into practice are;

Hill climbing, Hill descents, Mud and Rut Driving, Crossing Gullies, Rock Crawling, and Wading in Rivers.

Why not take one of our stunning Defender Campers out for a fun weekend in the UK to get used to large 4x4 vehicles either before you purchase one, or before you head further afield on more extreme adventures abroad. Our Land Rover Expedition Defender Campers are ideal to get a taste of the lifestyle!


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